Gallery ph: (02) 4906 1234

Hunter St. Gallery


Shannon Hartigan's Newcastle Gallery, showcases some of his finest images in large framed prints, frameless acrylic & frameless aluminium.

There is also a large range of small Newcastle prints, in stock and ready for purchase, from $39.

Gallery address

91 Hunter Street

Newcastle East

NSW Australia

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Images currently on display

'Splash' - 120cm print Framed

'Heatwave Escape' - 225cm Frameless Aluminium

'Novocastria' - 300cm Frameless Aluminium

'Nobbys Beach' - 100cm print Framed

'Crystal Nobbys' - 140cm Frameless Acrylic

'Counting Clouds' - 125cm print Framed

'Chiaroscuro' - 80cm print Framed

'Winter Sunset' - 80cm print Framed

'Ice Melt' - 120cm Frameless Acrylic

'Aqua Oasis' - 180cm Frameless Aluminium

'Newcastle Point Dusk' - 100cm Frameless Acrylic

'Beautiful Chaos' - 140cm Frameless Acrylic

'Endless Summer' - 175cm Frameless Acrylic

'Molten' - 60cm print Framed

'Sculpted' - 40cm print Framed

'Novocastria' - 150cm Frameless Acrylic

'Storm Front' - 125cm Frameless Aluminium